24 Things I Was Doing Wrong Every Day, Until I Read This!

Did you ever think the things you do each day could actually be done differently, or for that matter smarter? Ryan MacCarthy on Quora shared a list of correct ways you should do all the things below.

1. You crack eggs wrong

2. You peel hard-boiled eggs wrong

3. You take a shirt off wrong

4. You peel bananas wrong

5. You seed a pomegranate wrong

6. You peel potatoes wrong

7. You eat TicTac wrong

8. You eat chicken wings wrong

9. You fold a T-Shirt wrong

10. You boil water wrong

11. You eat cupcakes wrong

12. You reheat pizza wrong

13. You make grilled cheese sandwiches wrong

14. You make macaroni & cheese wrong

15. You throw a football wrong

16. You tie shoes wrong

17. You dry your hands wrong

18. You coil cords wrong

19. You fold fitted sheets wrong

20. You pack your suitcase wrong

21. You tie your tie wrong (or too slowly)

22. You adjust your car’s wing mirrors wrong

23. You put your duvet cover on wrong

24. You make scrambled eggs wrong