Amazing Pictures Capture Student's Daring Climb To The Top Of Skyscraper Using Only A Rope!

Alexey Kuznin used a simple rope to scale a 512ft skyscraper, and his poor friend had to go even higher to take the pictures (Who's the crazy one here?)

Hey you, you looking at me?

Hey you, you looking at me? Caters

Alexey Kuzin on the star of Kudrinskaya Square Building

Super cool Alexey Kuznin, 19, poses on a giant star and even pretends to take a nap at the top of a 512ft skyscraper he climbed using only a rope .

But spare a thought for his student pal Alexander Voskres­enksy, 23, who scrambled even higher to take the pictures... he used to be terrified of heights.

Returning with only torn jeans from the top of the Moscow tower he said: “When I began I was scared of heights. But you get used it and the view was great.”

Muum... I love you!

Muum... I love you! Caters

"Not a good time for a curry to be repeating on you"


Madness... Caters

Think happy thoughts :)

Selfie anyone? Anyoooooneeee...

Selfie anyone? Anyoooooneeee... Caters

BTW - Alexander Voskresenksy took the main pictures (BIG KAHUNAS)